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How to dress in AW13

by Amy Lavelle on September 11, 2013

Summer is over. It’s time for LFW, I’m wearing tights for the first time in three months and while there are still those out there who will determinedly plough on on their morning commute in bare legs and sandals, their foolhardiness is undercut by the oversized hoodie they’re wearing, drawstrings off their hoods pulled so tight around their faces, there’s only a grim set mouth and hardened brow visible.  So today I’m here to talk about autumn trends, because like it or not, it’s time guys and this is the kind of information we’re all going to be needing soon enough.

The good news going into our winter complexions is we no longer have to contend with neons and though pastels are still hanging around for another season, they’re now much more wearable in icy tones (think ice cream palettes instead of cupcake icing), which are altogether more acceptable for anyone else with the kind of complexion that’s going to go immediately cardboard grey as soon as the sun stops shining.

So let’s just rip off the plaster and get down to it, shall we: here are the trends that you’re going to be seeing a lot of in the colder months.


There. I said it. Yes, the colour of Barbie, saccharine femininity and parents dressing their babies to determine their sex is in. Seeing as I’m already sensing an outcry, let me forestall you and offer Molly Ringwald in the 80s, Rizzo et al in Grease and Regina George on Wednesdays. This isn’t just one for the Topshop teens in the flush of youth. For a ‘grown up’ pink, tone down the girliness with sharp tailoring and monchrome shades (no one’s suggesting you have to colour block here), though those after the real fashion points will team it with a bright red. Whatever you may think, this is something that can suit everyone, it’s simply a matter of finding the right shade for you. It will add a much needed flush of colour into the grey winter months and do wonders for perking up your complexion.


Well you might as well hear the good news while you’re sat there shivering in your inappropriate September wear: fur is in. Before you level that pot of red paint at me, I’m strictly talking faux here.

Classic heroines

Ah yes, the trend for anyone who has ever fantasised about walking into a P.I’s office in a haze of smoke, fur coat louchely falling off a shoulder, talking out of the side of their mouth: glamour in all its silver screen siren glory is back. And I don’t mean Anne Hathaway’s nipple-enhancing Dior or, God forbid, Gwynnie’s arse panels. Instead, the kind of beauty epitomised by those 50s pin ups were on  designers mood boards for this season as full skirts, nipped waists, peplum jackets helped create the illusion of the hourglass figure, while figure hugging pencil skirts and cocktail dresses showed it off. For inspiration, Hitchcock heroines are the most referenced talking point. Complete with seamed stockings and a sultry red-lipped beauty look.

British Heritage

Tartan in its many guises, houndstooth check, tweed etc. Whether it was with Versace’s ‘Vunks’ or for a Middleton-esque ‘weekend in the country’ wardrobe,  traditional themes of British yore are back, albeit with a more modern update. Appropriate them how you wish.


I won’t dwell on this one as most of you have probably been doing this throughout the summer and as such, there’s already an abundance of literature floating around the fashosphere. All you need to know is that it’s around for another season yet. Just update your wardrobe with warmer fabrics. It is the calm place you can go when faced with all those pinks.


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