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LC:M- The Unofficial Non-Definitive Run Down

by Amy Lavelle on June 21, 2013

To quote the great Wonderbra model Eva Herzigová, ‘Hello boys.’

Don’t you just love it when we talk… fashion?

One poor, lost, sartorially stumped friend recently turned to me and implored me to write something on men’s fashion as, beyond the need for a decent velvet blazer, he has no clue how he should be dressing and, seeing as LC:M — or Men’s Fashion Week — has happened this past week, now seemed as good a time as any to start listening to him.

We may well be wondering whether or not we’re even in SS/13 yet (or, in non-fash speak, is the bloody sun out yet?) but fashion marches ever on and it is thus that we find ourselves looking ahead to SS/14 and what you men will be wearing when next year rolls around. So let’s just get this out of the way now, then you can go about your lives with more time to consider the things in life that really matter, because clearly, by virtue of the fact you’ve found yourself on this page and managed to get past the LC:M acronym, you are very highbrow, intelligent folk who have far more important things to think about than the correct width of your trews next year (woops! Spoiler alert).

First, to the oracle of hip as we turn to Topman Design for the news that it’s time to giddy up, boys! Y’all are gonna be gettin’ your cowboy on (to be read in a shameful approximation of the southern drawl as a direct consequence of having watched Nashville this morning). Satin cowboy shirts were in abundance, as were the wing tipped brogues; it’s all very glam cowboy, you see, or as I like to think of it, Elton John Wayne. It’s also officially time to ditch your skinny jeans once and for all, as it was a wider legged trouser that was making its way down the runway this season. But good news: NO SHORTS! Not a single short was seen in this season’s show and, as hemlines were rising to the point where, to paraphrase the great Gunther from Friends, keeping the ‘mouse in the house’ was becoming an issue, necessitating much adjusting in public, this can only be a good thing. I for one am happy they didn’t go to the knicker short.

In other news, the shoulder emerged as the body part de la saison, as part of a general move towards a more unisex vibe that saw JW Anderson present halter necks for men. After years of bitching about your girlfriends stealing your razors, blazers, cardis and maybe even jeans (though long have you shown them on that front, Primark women’s size 12, eh guys?) now is the time for you to exact your revenge; free reign to go have a rummage in her wardrobe for once. Though due warning: if you wish to rock this look, you may have to take your personal grooming habits into consideration. Just sayin’.

Nasir Mazhar took ‘90s sports luxe’ to the next level, strapping models into what can only be described as deconstructed backpacks as waistcoats — think straps over the shoulders without the promise of the bag being followed through— with something suspiciously bum bag or possibly the front-pocket-of-aforementioned-backpack looking being worn as hats and occasionally face masks. While the revival continued over at Christopher Shannon’s show with a slight shift in attention to modern clubwear inspired by the 90’s Manc scene. Hair came drenched in colourful glitter while the vinyl and PVC shorts and jackets came in lurid shades of lime, orange and lemon. Basically what you’d be wanting to wear, should you be heading out to a very scuzzy rave and in need of some wipe-downable fabrics.

One of the more controversial issues to emerge that has much of the fashion press in a tizzy is the appearance of brogues sans socks, both on and off the catwalks. ‘Does this mean we are not to wear socks now?’ sufferers of athlete’s foot everywhere are crying out. Personally, as someone whose father regularly produced his foot over the breakfast table to complain about it, I cannot get on board with this one.

And in case you’re still feeling a bit lost, here: let me boil it down for you to the bare essentials:

Item to buy: denim jacket. Big news.

Trends to try: sports wear. Go 90s like Nasir Mazhar or continue with this season’s penchant for the skater look: to be continued this time next year.

Decade to look at: 90s. Both for sports wear and clubbing gear, this decade is where it’s at.

Designers to watch: Agi & Sam. So many reasons to love these guys— diverse use of models of all ages, wearable clothes in bonkers prints, their very reasonably priced and utterly accessible recent collection for Topman— but in this instance, it’s the name of their collection:  ’Boris Said We Shouldn’t Do It, But We Did It Anyway’. Reason enough.

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